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Healthy news and information from Exquisite Smiles / 2021 January Issue

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Making a resolution for the New Year doesn’t have to be a big change-in fact, sometimes smaller resolutions can have the biggest impact on your overall (and oral) health, and may even be easier to stick to than popular fad diets.

Here are a few resolutions to consider:

1. Eat more whole foods. You’ll be making trips to the supermarket in the new year as you always would-on your trips, simply aim to fill your cart with more fresh, organic foods instead of processed goods. Bonus: Crisp fruits and raw veggies are great for your oral health.

2. Be more present. An easy way to achieve this is to simply limit screen time-like putting away your phone during time with friends or family.

3. Remove negative self-talk. When you find yourself having a negative thought, recognise it and follow it up with a positive thought to help train your brain. For example, instead of “I make a lot of mistakes” tell yourself “There are many things I do well.

3 Simple Oral Health Tips for Parents and Kids

As children grow up into toddlers, then before you know it teenagers, we want them to cary on good oral health habits all the way to adulthood.

Here are 3 ways to encourage good oral health to children:

1. Break the sensitivity of going to the dentist early. You can bring your children in with you to the dentist, so they feel comfortable in our safe and friendly environment.

2. Educate your children on good and bad foods. Limit sweets and sugary drinks and explain to them why too many of these are not good for your teeth or health.

3. Create a positive energy before going to the dentist. Don’t show your kids if you feel nervous yourself or if you dread these appointments. We want to create a positive experience and that all starts with mindset and how our kids observe us.

The Quickest Way to Improve Your Smile

he New Year is the perfect time to do things you’ve been putting off–like whitening your smile! Teeth whitening is known as one of the quickest ways of improving the aesthetics of a smile. Before treatment, you must have healthy teeth and gums and a recent dental clean to see best results.

In-Chair Whitening: This is a simple, one-visit procedure where the professional grade whitening gel is applied to your teeth for about 60-minutes. It is a convenient and affordable way to improve your teeth, quickly.

Take-Home Whitening Kits: If you prefer to whiten your smile at home, a take-home kit might be the best solution for you. This includes custom trays, whitening gel and instructions to whiten your teeth safely.

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