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Healthy news and information from Exquisite Smiles / 2021 May Issue

How to Battle Bad Breath Under Your Face Mask

While face mask protocols have become an important part of public health and safety in the past year, you may have begun to notice something not so pleasant if you find yourself wearing one for hours on end-bad breath.

To help minimise stinky breath under your mask, make sure you are:

• Drinking enough water to help maintain proper saliva flow. Dry mouth is a common culprit of bad breath.

• Using mouthwash with antibacterial ingredients.

• Breathing through your nose.

• Maintaining your regular visits with us. We understand it may have been difficult to make time for us this past year, but we’re ready to welcome you back whenever you please.

Can a Cracked Tooth Heal on Its Own?

If you’ve ever broken a bone-let’s say an arm or a leg-chances are you visited a medical professional to have it set in a cast, and it ultimately healed on its own.

So, why can’t our teeth heal by themselves? It’s a common misconception that teeth are the same as bone. In actuality, the enamel is made of calcium phosphate.

Since our enamel isn’t made of blood vessels and living tissue, it cannot regenerate like other bones in our body. That’s why if you crack or chip a tooth, you should schedule a visit with us to discuss the best cosmetic or restorative options.

A cracked tooth may require a filling, root canal, veneer, or even a crown depending on the severity.

After we perform whatever treatment fits your needs, you’ll be able to smile with confidence and have full function of your teeth once again.

3 Tips for Easing Child Dental Anxiety

It’s easy for adults to understand why regular dental visits are important-but children typically don’t see the benefit of having someone poke around their mouth at the start.

At Exquisite Smiles, it’s our goal to create an environment of education and fun for you child, making them an active partner in their oral health so they’re proud to take care of their teeth.

If your little one has an upcoming visit with us that they’re nervous about, consider these tips:

• Explain to your child what might happen at their visit. Have them then practice flossing or brushing on a stuffed animal to get them comfortable with the exam.

• Bring a stuffed animal or toy from home to comfort them during their visit with us. We’ll let them hold it during their visit and play beforehand.

• Stop by our practice beforehand. If they’re especially nervous, let them come in and meet the team before their appointment-we can’t wait to welcome them into our care.

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