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Dental Implants Near Bridgeman Downs

Dr Rajeev Bhandare

Graduate Diploma of Dental Implantology from the James Cook University.

If you have missing or broken teeth, one of the solutions is to have dental implants, which is an effective way to replace missing teeth with ones that appear natural. Implant-supported dentures are also a very common procedure for stabilising removable dentures or even have fixed dentures. Just in case you need to replace more than one missing tooth, you can always opt for all on X implants near Bridgeman Downs. This could be achieved with the all on X implants and is a welcome solution for denture wearers.

At Exquisite Smiles, Dr. Rajeev Bhandare can provide a range of dental implants and will discuss the procedure that is best for your oral health. Implants range from replacing a single tooth or several and supporting full or partial dentures.

What exactly is ‘All on X’?

Warner’s experienced dental surgeon Dr. Rajeev Bhandare have termed “all on X″ treatment as a full arch dental implant. This is an innovative surgical technique that allows four implants to support one full arch of teeth. This is a solution for patients who have severely damaged teeth or who have lost or are losing teeth due to decay or gum disease.

One of the advantages of the all-on-X technique is that it is an ideal way to fully replace dentures with natural-looking teeth. Dental implants are used as a desired treatment of choice to dentures and bridges especially, since it involves minimal or no invasion to your existing teeth.

The advantages of dental implants:

  • Improved bone development
  • The support to crowns, bridges, or dentures or replace single missing teeth, or multiple missing teeth with bridges.
  • Convert dentures to fixed prosthesis using the All on X concept.
  • An extremely high success rate
  • Results that can last an entire lifetime
  • Improved appearance

The process:

Dental implants are artificial titanium tooth root that support false teeth, such as a crown or bridge. The process begins with a careful assessment of your teeth to determine the most suitable solution. There are three stages in the process: surgically placing implants; placement of initial teeth / temporary crown or denture, and placing final teeth/ crown, bridge or fixed denture post-healing. Each implant is placed into the bone where it functions similarly to a natural tooth root. Once healing and new development have occurred over 3 months, the fixed artificial tooth or denture can be attached.

Dental implants near Bridgeman Downs by Exquisite Smiles::

Because all-on-X implants are a long-term investment, we are committed to providing exceptional care. Our dental solutions are reliable and long-lasting. In addition to that, we offer a consultation before the treatment to help you understand what kind of dental treatment is appropriate for your ailment. With us on the job, your dental visits will be safe and comforting.

All on X near Bridgeman Downs is an excellent option for long-term smile restoration. Give us a call if you’re concerned about missing teeth and want to discuss which options are available.

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