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Sleep Dentistry Near Cashmere

Does your heart start beating out of your chest at the mere mention of the word, “dentist”? Does the thought of actually sitting in a dental chair cause you to break out in sweat and start gasping for air? Have you neglected your dental health for years because of this fear?

Exquisite Smiles has a perfect solution for you.

Do you know that you can actually sleep through your next dental appointment, remembering nothing when you awaken? Sound too good to be true? Call Exquisite Smiles and let us explain how sleep dentistry near Cashmere works. We are confident that you’ll schedule what might very well be a long overdue appointment and take sleep dentistry for a test drive once you know what it is all about.

Trust us when we say, “You’ll love it here!”

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry goes by several names – conscious sedation, sleep dentistry, relaxation dentistry or oral sedation-but it leaves a similar relaxed effect. Your pain and anxiety are kept under control as you remain just below the level of consciousness while being treated by our dental practitioners. Because you are relaxed and comfortable, the doctor can perform procedures that might ordinarily take years to complete in couple of visits.

Who should opt for sleep dentistry?

  • If the idea of visiting the dentist evokes fear in you, you probably have dental anxiety and can benefit from sleep dentistry. Likewise, if you are someone who has an anxiety disorder of any sort you can opt for this branch of dentistry for a problem-free dental treatment.
  • If you are someone who has a low tolerance for pain there is a good chance you may feel discomfort or pain even during minor dental procedures. In that case, happy gas near Cashmere is the ideal choice in order to undergo dental treatment comfortably.
  • If you’ve had bad experiences during your dental treatment in the past, sleep dentistry is your best bet.

Different Types of Sedation Dentistry:

There are several ways to administer the relaxing benefits of sedation dentistry:

Inhalation Sedation – Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas” or “happy gas” near Cashmere, is delivered though a mask from which you breathe normally. It works quickly, with minimal sideeffects or “hangover” type symptoms after the procedure is completed. Happy gas is usually used for children over 12 years of age and anyone who cannot tolerate a mask on their face or feel nervous about being injected. Inhalation sedation highly depends on the patient’s ability to breathe, so if the patient has any type of respiratory disorder there is a possibility of slight inconvenience.

Oral Sedation – Delivered via pill form, this is usually taken at bedtime the night before the dental procedure and again one hour before the set appointment time. This form of sedation produces a drowsy, calming effect that greatly reduces anxiety.

IV Sedation – Delivered via the bloodstream, this form of sedation acts quickly to place you in a totally relaxed state and causes partial to full memory loss (amnesia), so there is little, if any, memory of the procedure.

How Does Conscious Sedation Differ from General Anaesthesia?

When a patient is under general anaesthesia, he or she is completely unconscious and unable to respond in any way. Conscious sedation, on the other hand, allows the patient to respond to questions or commands and to breathe normally, but he or she will have little or no memory of the procedure upon awakening.

Is Sleep Dentistry Safe?

Cashmere’s finest resources and dental practitioners are employed to conduct sedation dentistry with utmost perfection. During your dental treatment, we constantly monitor your vital signs to make sure everything is normal. Dentists at Exquisite Smiles are trained in sedation dentistry, so there is no need for any additional worry! It’s a safe procedure favoured by leading dentists in Australia.

Dental consultation with Exquisite Smiles experts:

Dental phobia is a common condition however people who suffer from it can be truly petrified. Consulting an expert is the ideal approach to dealing with this issue in the long run. What type of sedation technique works best for you can be determined only after consulting our dentists. Whatever concern or phobia you face associated with dental treatment, communicate it to our doctors and they will help you relieve your nervousness.

We take sleep dentistry in Cashmere seriously and give major emphasis on our patients’ safetySedation dentistry allows Exquisite Smiles to offer you the optimal environment to complete multiple treatments in only one or two appointments. You remain calm and relaxed while we do all the work to improve your smile!

Get in touch with our team at (07) 3882 4849 for a detailed insight.

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