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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near Bridgeman Downs

Wisdom teeth usually begin developing in the teenage years and may continue into a person’s late 20s. This third set of molars may cause severe pains and could require removal to avert further complications. The pain is majorly caused when the tooth erupts at the wrong angle, this also causes overcrowding, ulcers, and discomfort thus necessitating wisdom teeth extraction. Bridgeman Downs’s experienced dentists recommend availing expert help from reliable dentists like Exquisite Smiles.

Our wisdom tooth extraction specialist will determine if your wisdom teeth are healthy and properly positioned. Not everyone will need to have their wisdom teeth extracted, but some people may due to reasons such as

  • Pain or discomfort because the teeth are erupting at the wrong angle
  • Impaction and Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Cysts or tumours
  • Crowding is caused by pressure from the wisdom teeth or if your jaw has no room for extra teeth
  • Gum disease or cavities
  • Tooth decay that is not restorable

Removing your wisdom teeth may also be an important step in periodontal therapy or orthodontic treatments.

Sedation therapy:

If removal is necessary, we will discuss a variety of sedation choices to make the experience as comfortable as possible. The ability to bear pain is very less for some; it is then that our dentists rely on sedation therapy. It is a treatment where you are mostly unconscious while the teeth are being extracted. Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry is also apt for people who have dental anxiety. So if you have been putting off a visit to the dentist or wisdom tooth extraction in Bridgeman Downs, we assure you it will be done most safely by our qualified team of dental practitioners.

The process:

We examine the accurate condition of your teeth using the OPG machine and the CBCT-3D imaging machine. After a careful assessment of the report, our team will provide you with an appropriate treatment plan. If necessary the teeth are removed while you are on sedation. Later, dentists will guide you about aftercare; with regular follow-ups your teeth’s original state will be restored.

Whether it is wisdom tooth extraction in Bridgeman Downs, periodontal treatment, or simple teeth cleaning treatment, our team at Exquisite Smile is well-equipped and experienced enough to assist you through and through. For all of your enquiries, we also provide on-site availability.

Our team has extensive training and experience in the removal of wisdom teeth, and when necessary, we also refer patients to specialists. Schedule an exam with us to find out more about your wisdom teeth. Call us at (07) 3882 4849 for detailed insight.

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